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Transform your procurement process: less operational time, more strategy.

The path to innovation and business growth

Fourtrust offers the perfect combination of its in-depth expertise in systems integration and implementation and the Mercado Eletrônico continuous innovation in procurement management and supplies.

Procurement automation represents the revolution in e-Procurement processes, using advanced digital solutions to simplify and optimize every step in B2B procurement.

From the purchase requisition to payment, including price quotations and negotiations with suppliers, the automation promotes efficiency, transparency, and compliance throughout the entire cycle of operations.

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Uncover the e-Procurement solution

A digital solution for procurement management, also known as e-Procurement, automates processes such as requisition, quotation with suppliers, and approval, reducing the operational load to buyers and procurement teams. It transforms each stage of the procurement journey into a more efficient and transparent experienceHere’s how it happens:

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How Procurement Automation works

Discover the power of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the technology behind the automation of repetitive processes in procurement. Get to know how robotization based on pre-established criteria can optimize operations, reduce costs, and strengthen governance.

The automation functionality for procurement provides intelligence, scalability, a focus on the strategic, and increasing the potential for gains through better negotiations and a reduction in operational tasks.

  • Automation of Repetitive Processes;
  • Higher volume of suppliers invited to negotiate;
  • Increased Savings in negotiations;
  • Best case opening SLA;
  • Decrease in procurement LEAD TIME;
  • Low Cost Procurement Process.
Automação de compras sap

Frees professionals to act strategically, focusing on the company's growth and profitability.


Eliminates operational, decentralized, and disintegrated tasks.


Increases access to new suppliers and chances of getting the best deals.


Makes processes traceable and auditable, strengthening corporate governance.


Enables integration with different management systems.


Allows all processes to be monitored, empowering agile and intelligent decision-making.

Communication and collaboration

Concentrates communication and interaction between buyers and suppliers in one place.


Provides purchase history, among other relevant data for new acquisitions.


Makes your business more competitive with its competitors.

Standardization of processes

Standardizes procurement processes, diminishing errors.

Before and after automation

Transform your procurement processes from operational and manual tasks to strategic and automated management. Experience greater savings, reduced errors, and lead times, as well as a significant increase in productivity and governance.

4 days & 18 hours

Average SLA for manual processes

11 hours & 43 minutes

Average SLA for automatic processes (MAG)

Overloaded buyers

Buyers with many operational tasks and little focus on strategy

Strategic buyers

Buyers with more time for strategic business activities

Disorganized processes

Manual and decentralized procurement process

Security and Organization

Automated procurement process on a single platform


Low level of governance

No fear of Audit

Record of all operations with a high level of compliance and ease of auditing

lead time

Impaired productivity

Reduction in lead time

Productivity and assertiveness

Easy implementation and integration with any management system

Mercado Eletrônico can be integrated with the main ERPs, meeting a wide range of business needs.

If you want to implement a procurement management system, discover our specialized service.

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The partnership between Fourtrust and Mercado Eletrônico brings you cutting-edge shopping automation solutions.   We combine advanced technology and expertise to transform your B2B procurement processes, ensuring a more efficient and strategic future for your business.

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