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Teams and Slack integrated with SAP

What does this solution offer?

Fourtrust Consulting has an ingenious solution that integrates corporate communication systems, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, directly with an organization’s Business Management Systems (ERPs). One of the best known ERPs on the market is SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing).

SAP being a platform that manages and integrates all essential business processes, becomes even more powerful by enabling collaborative and enhanced employee communication through these popular real-time communication tools.

The integration between Teams or Slack with SAP is done smoothly, taking advantage of the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) made available by the communication platforms. With Teams and Slack solution integrated with SAP, users easily access SAP functionality directly within the Teams and Slack interface, without having to switch between multiple applications.


Advantages of this solution

More information about the Teams e Slack integrated with SAP solution

There are several communication applications that are often integrated with ERPs. It is important to note that these integrations can vary in complexity and scope, depending on the specific requirements of the company and the integration solutions available.

That said, let’s talk a little more about Teams and Slack integrated with SAP, two of the most requested communication tools to connect with this ERP:

Fourtrust developed an integration between Microsoft Teams and SAP to facilitate and centralize business communication. Customers now have access to multiple process application and approval options through the Fourtrust PowerAPP. Some of these options include:

  • Purchase Requisition and Approval;
  • Purchase Order Approval;
  • Approval and Unblocking of payable accounts;
  • Approvals from SAP HR managers;
  • And many other possibilities.

We simplify requisitions requests with SAP through APIs integrated into Slack. This much-needed solution allows employees to work more efficiently and focused on a single platform, resulting in greater productivity by eliminating the need to switch between different systems.

The benefits also extend to managers, who can now make approvals quickly and conveniently through their mobile devices, since the applications are available in the mobile version, simplifying the entire workflow.

To illustrate, imagine a scenario in which a contributor needs to obtain information about a purchase requisition. With Fourtrust’s solution, all he has to do is access the communication application, without the need to log in to SAP, and enter the requisition number. The application automatically searches the SAP system and promptly returns the status of the request to the employee.

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