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SAP commission management

What does this solution offer?

An SAP commissions management system is a custom solution designed to automate and manage the process of calculating and paying commissions in an organization that uses the SAP system as its business platform. Commission control is carried out from the sales order to its accounting and the whole process is parameterizable.

We developed a custom SAP commissions management system that perfectly integrates into the existing SAP environment. Our solution can automate the calculation of commissions based on specific rules, such as:


Advantages of the SAP commissions management solution

SAP solution features

Next, we summarize some of the main features of the commission management system:

The verification of commissions may occur in the Invoicing and Settlement modalities. The tool has a management center to verify the commissions. The system will show all entries of a given representative, in this tool the operator will be able to:

  • Generate commissions;
  • Chargeback commissions;
  • Replenishment of commissions;
  • Create a purchase order for payment to the representative;
  • Send a detailed commissions report to your representatives.
  • Canceled sales;
  • Chargebacks;
  • Returns.

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