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What does this service offer?

The processes mapping service offered by Fourtrust Consulting is a structured and data-driven approach to understand, analyze and improve an organization’s business processes before an ERP system implementation project.

This mapping process allows a holistic view of the company’s operations and helps to identify:

Based on this analysis, our team of business process analysts develop customized recommendations to improve existing processes, optimize systems utilization and align operations with industry best practices.


Advantages of this service

More information about the process mapping service

During the mapping process, our team of business process analysts work closely with your organization’s key stakeholders.

Our focus is on understanding your business objectives, operational challenges and specific requirements. Based on this information, the workflows, activities, interactions, inputs and outputs of each process are identified and documented.

After processes mapping, your organization will have valuable information to evaluate which areas of the business need more attention before an implementation. Furthermore, by making the necessary changes, your company will also ensure a smoother managing management system implementation process.

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We present the case of Samarco Mineração, a joint venture between Vale and BHP Brasil, which went through a Digital Transformation process to optimize its operations. Through the complete digitization of the monthly service measurement process, using SAP and the automation of tasks, Samarco achieved significant gains in productivity and efficiency, in addition to estimated savings of more than BRL$2 million per year. Find out how the Digital Transformation propelled Samarco towards operational excellence and why this approach could be interesting for other companies in the sector.

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