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SAP automation will bring savings of R$2 million to Samarco

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In today’s competitive business environment, the search for efficiency and productivity is essential to ensure the sustainability and growth of organizations. Samarco Mineração, an important joint venture in Brazil, recognized the importance of improving its processes in order to remain competitive in the market and opted for SAP automation.

Founded in 1977, Samarco Mineração is known for its pioneering extraction of low-grade iron ore and the transportation of the pulp by pipeline. With two operating complexes in Mariana (MG, Brazil) and Anchieta (ES, Brazil), the company is responsible for producing iron ore pellets, a crucial raw material for the steel industry. In order to remain at the forefront of the market, Samarco realized the need to improve the performance of its operations.

In this blog post we will explore the benefits of SAP automation and how this solution has resulted in significant gains in productivity and efficiency for Samarco.

The Solution: SAP Automation

To achieve its operational improvement goals, Samarco digitized its processes in SAP. With the help of Fourtrust Consultoria, the company concentrated its efforts on developing a specific automation solution for the monthly service measurement process. This extensive process includes the generation of monthly measurement bulletins (BMM) to the issuance of the Invoice, encompassing the entire process flow and reducing the need for manual and repetitive tasks.

The 4 biggest advantages of this SAP automation

The automation of the service measurement process provides Samarco with numerous advantages, including:

1) Operational efficiency and time savings with automation.

SAP automation speeds up and simplifies the steps involved in the monthly measurement process, eliminating manual tasks and reducing errors. This results in greater operational efficiency and time savings.

2) Improved control and visibility into the process of monthly measurements.

The use of the solution’s cockpit allows detailed monitoring of the progress of monthly measurements, providing greater control and visibility over the process. This allows you to quickly identify issues or delays and take corrective action.

3) Agility and precision in the automatic generation of essential documents.

The solution automatically generates the documents necessary for completing the process, such as requisitions, orders, measurements and pre-edited MIRO. This eliminates the need to manually create these documents, reducing errors and speeding up the finalization of the process.

4) Efficient communication and information management between Samarco and its suppliers

The solution sends emails to the supplier requesting the Invoice, facilitating communication and speeding up the process of obtaining the necessary documents to complete the process. Furthermore, as the solution is integrated with the BTP platform, it allows the supplier to insert the invoice directly into the system or send it through the platform. This simplifies the process of sending and storing documents. In addition to reducing redundancies and duplication of information in the company.

Results obtained with SAP automation

The implementation of the SAP automation solution began in January 2023 and, by March and April, around 530 Samarco contracts had already been measured using the new tool. These improvements not only optimized working time, but also boosted the team’s productivity.

Based on data from 2021, it is estimated that, in one year of full use, the new tool will provide a reduction of more than 28,000 hours in the areas involved, resulting in savings that should exceed R$2 million per year for the organization.

Commitment to continuous improvement

Samarco’s initiative to adopt SAP automation demonstrates the company’s commitment to constantly seek to improve its processes and adopt innovative technologies to increase its operational efficiency. The digital transformation and automation of the monthly service measurement process are important steps to boost the company’s competitiveness and ensure its sustainability in the market.


SAP automation proved to be a wise choice for Samarco, allowing for significant improvements in its processes and operations. The search for efficiency and productivity through automation is a strategy increasingly adopted by companies that want to stand out in today’s competitive market. Samarco’s experience serves as an example of successful SAP automation for other organizations seeking to achieve similar results.

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We present the case of Samarco Mineração, a joint venture between Vale and BHP Brasil, which went through a Digital Transformation process to optimize its operations. Through the complete digitization of the monthly service measurement process, using SAP and the automation of tasks, Samarco achieved significant gains in productivity and efficiency, in addition to estimated savings of more than BRL$2 million per year. Find out how the Digital Transformation propelled Samarco towards operational excellence and why this approach could be interesting for other companies in the sector.

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