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Why hire a specialized SAP consultancy?

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If you’re running a company and are looking to improve efficiency, productivity and the integration of sectors, you’ve probably heard of the SAP system. This powerful tool, made up of various modules designed to connect and optimize business processes, offers a range of advantages for organizations of all sizes and segments. However, in order to make the most of the system’s full potential, understanding the reasons to hire a specialized SAP consultancy can make all the difference.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of the SAP system and how a specialized consultancy can help boost the success of your business.

What is the SAP system and its 3 biggest advantages

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that aims to centralize and integrate all of a company’s processes and data. With this system, you can manage everything from finance and accounting to sales, human resources, stock and production.

In an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving market, maintaining business efficiency and productivity is essential to the success of companies. In this scenario, the SAP system has emerged as a powerful tool capable of centralizing and optimizing business processes, offering a range of advantages for organizations of all sizes and segments.

1) SAP is suitable for any business

Whether your company is in a growth phase or is already a large corporation, SAP offers customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer to use cloud or on-premise systems, SAP has a comprehensive portfolio of integrated tools to make your business even smarter. With the right implementation, your company can gain in agility, control and operational efficiency.

2) SAP is an innovative and constantly evolving technology

With over 40 years experience in developing ERP systems, SAP keeps up to date with the latest technological innovations. This means that your company will always be equipped with the right tools to face the challenges of the future. Tasks automation, for example, allows employees to focus on more strategic activities, increasing productivity and business competitiveness.

3) SAP is flexible, scalable and secure

Flexibility is a keyword in today’s business. SAP allows your company to adapt processes according to your needs and preferences, in addition to enabling the use of public or private cloud and a payment policy for what is really necessary. In addition, security is a priority in the SAP system, and having a specialized team means that your company will be protected against cyber threats and will have one of the most advanced infrastructures in the world.

The 4 biggest reasons to hire a specialized SAP consultancy

Despite the great advantages that SAP system offers, effectively implementing and integrating this technology can be a complex challenge. That’s why hiring a specialized SAP consultancy becomes a strategic and advantageous decision to drive the growth and efficiency of your business.

1) A specialized SAP consultancy delivers customized solutions

With a vast number of services and solutions available in the universe of SAP projects, a specialized consultancy will be invaluable in identifying the best solution or product that meets the specific needs of your company. The specialists’ knowledge and experience will guarantee a smooth and efficient implementation of the system, ensuring its perfect integration with other management systems.

2) SAP customized to the reality of your company is the goal of a specialized consultancy

Each organization has its own internal processes and particular routines. When hiring a specialist SAP consultancy, the experts take into account these unique aspects of your business when implementing digital solutions. Consultants customize the solution as per your business requirements. This ensures that SAP integrates perfectly with existing processes and the system will be maximized in use.

3) A specialized SAP consultancy accelerates the implementation of system modules

Implementing an extensive technology like SAP can be time-consuming, especially when done without expert assistance. Normally, it is necessary to stop all systems to carry out adjustments. However, a SAP consultant can contribute to reducing the time of this process, minimizing interruptions and mitigating risks during the transition.

4) Costly mistakes are avoided with the guidance of a specialized consultancy

Implementing SAP can be a complex project with risks involved. Without adequate assistance, errors in system implementation can occur, which is costly in both financial and time terms. Expert advice will help prevent these failures by ensuring everything is set up correctly from the start. In addition to making the whole process more peaceful for all the teams involved.


In short, hiring a specialized SAP consultancy is a strategic investment for companies that want to optimize their operational efficiency and stand out in a competitive market. With the support of experienced specialists, your company will be able to implement the SAP system in a customized, agile and efficient way, taking full advantage of all the advantages that this powerful tool has to offer.

Therefore, if you are looking to enhance the success of your business and ensure integrated and effective management, consider hiring a specialized SAP consultancy. With the right support, your company will be prepared to face market challenges and follow a path of sustainable and successful growth.

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We present the case of Samarco Mineração, a joint venture between Vale and BHP Brasil, which went through a Digital Transformation process to optimize its operations. Through the complete digitization of the monthly service measurement process, using SAP and the automation of tasks, Samarco achieved significant gains in productivity and efficiency, in addition to estimated savings of more than BRL$2 million per year. Find out how the Digital Transformation propelled Samarco towards operational excellence and why this approach could be interesting for other companies in the sector.

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